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Sunday, April 5, 2020
Creating (Passing On) Family Traditions

Creating (Passing On) Family Traditions

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Tue, Jan 21, 20, 05:44, 3 Months ago
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Think back on your own life for a moment- did your family have traditions or something special that you did each year, on a holiday or some other special occasion?

Creating or passing on family traditions are a great way to spend time with family and pass on heritage to your own children. It creates memories that your own children will remember for the rest of their lives and that they might pass on to their own children.

Many families today just don’t put the time into family traditions and special time together that families of the past did. You can fix that in your own family by taking a serious and proactive approach toward family traditions. This can be one of the most important and meaningful things you ever do together as a family. If you’re not sure how to start, we have some help.

Ideas for Creating Family Traditions

What are some good ideas for creating family traditions? Here are some ideas based on the holiday. These can be useful to get you started but remember that your own family traditions can be whatever you want and they don’t have to be centered around a holiday at all. Part of the fun of a family tradition is that it is yours and you can do whatever you want.

·         Create your own special day or holiday such as “unbirthdays” or “family day”

·         Never go to bed without saying I love you

·         Have a special birthday meal whenever a family member has a birthday

·         On Saturdays, everyone cooks breakfast together

·         Have a monthly movie day where you watch movies that explore traditions

·         Sing a special birthday song made up by the family

·         Keep a family journal and let everyone write in it

·         Make a scrapbook for every family vacation

·         Always eat dinners together as a family and talk about your day

·         Take turns choosing topic of discussion at dinner

These are just some ideas for creating family traditions. You can use these to boost your own ideas and be sure to ask your family members to think of their own. You can have everyone write down their ideas for traditions and then vote as a family on the ones you want to make happen.


Ideas for Passing on Family Traditions

When it comes to passing on family traditions, there are many ideas here as well. The most important thing to remember is to remain consistent. It’s important to do something over and over again each time to become tradition. If your family does not seem enthusiastic about it right away, you will have to help motivate them by being consistent.

For example, hold an event every year at the same time and continue to encourage the family to participate. Remain positive about it even if others do not and always continue even if only a few show up. By doing this consistently and with enthusiasm, others will begin to join in and the tradition will continue. As soon as all parties give up and miss an event, the tradition dies along with any enthusiasm to do it.

Holiday Traditions

Here are some holiday traditions that we enjoy and might help you get started:

·         For Easter, color eggs together or have an Easter egg hunt

·         Volunteer at a homeless shelter for Thanksgiving or Christmas

·         Collect or make an ornament each year at Christmas

·         Have Thanksgiving dinners together with everyone helping to make a dish

·         Have the children dress up as pilgrims and Indians on Thanksgiving

·         Re-enact holiday events or perform a small skit as a family

·         Act out the Christmas story

·         Make cookies and milk for Santa

·         Leave shoes outside for “baby New Year” to fill with goodies

·         Create family New Year resolutions together

These ideas should help you with creating and passing on family traditions of your own. Whether you have your own family now or hope to one day soon, we hope that you will explore these options and ideas for family traditions. The memories you will create together as a family will last a lifetime.

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